KELLY OSBOURNE WEIGHT LOSS – How the actor lost 70 pounds with time:


Recently, Kelly Osbourne amazed her fans by posing in sexy two pieces, on cover photo of Self magazine.

Without any doubt, she looks breath taking in the photo.

kelly osbourne weight loss

Inside, she shared her secret diet tips, as how she lost 70 pounds and what kept her so motivated.

The 28 year old star has achieved several weight related milestones since 2009.

She faced bullying and had seizures that turned her life completely upside down. Stay tuned for her secret diet to stay healthy and slim!

Her secrets finally revealed:

On several occasions, Kelly has shared her overwhelmed feelings about her contentment towards the change.

kelly osbourne before and after

Though she feels tired sometimes while looking at herself in the mirror, and feels like having a break and jumping onto her bed, but like others, her experience has a fair share of good and bad days.

So, what exactly is her secret to this slimmed-down figure?

The answer is simple, hard work and motivation, a determination to make things happen, a desire to alter the impossible into possible!

For her, workout is something like a life saver. She does half an hour of cardio daily and takes intervals on treadmill. Besides that, she does any type of workout which she feels like doing that day, let’s say, yoga, pilates or weights.

For her, the best exercise is to have fun. Kelly says she has a Hoopnotica hula hoop which she loves to use it every day. This regular hula-hooping has made her arms and back firmer, and her waist has shrunk down to 2 inches.

One weekend, she and her friends put on some ridiculous outfits, danced and hula-hooped all night long, while everyone else were at the club!

The #HipHopAnonymous mania:

They call this madness of hula-hooping #HipHopAnonymous, in which Adam Lambert also takes part.

kelly osbourne weight loss before and after

They reside in the same building and surprisingly many people show up to join this madness.

The next morning you wake up, you feel all bloated or sore, but you have the best night ever, she added. So, this is the fun part of her weight loss pills.

She further shared that she sometimes surrenders to her cravings and move ahead with her whims.

For her, it is completely normal to satisfy your unhealthy food cravings, but with time, she eats healthier.

She takes her unhealthy meals in morning and pure turmeric curcumin with black pepper. Let’s say, if she craves for pizza, then breakfast is the right time for her to eat it.

Then she continues with salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner.

What kept her motivated throughout?

Kelly titled herself as Former Fat person – FFP, and when you are an FFP, you see yourself as the same person which you used to be. And that is the part she is genuinely working upon. Over the time, she has learnt to eat healthy and looking after herself.

She doesn’t weigh herself too. It’s like, if you already like the person you are looking at in the mirror, then what is the point of weighing yourself, she added.

She doesn’t compare herself to anyone around. It is completely OK to assume someone as your role model while setting up your goals, but no matter what happens; you may never look exactly like that person. If only, you wish to look like Angelina Jolie or J.Lo., you are never going to be like them.

So, why not start to work with something that you have and not with something that you don’t?

Kelly gets support from friends and family:

Kelly says she is very lucky to have such supportive friends who never let her quit.

kelly osbourne fat

She has the Nike+ FuelBand and now they all are competing with each other.

This actually triggers you to workout, as you know that someone is watching you over the progress you make.

She also does plank-offs with some of her athlete friends to see who can hold it for longer. Surprisingly, her longest record is 7.5 minutes and she had beaten an Olympic silver medalist. Now, that is totally unbelievable. Kelly seems unbeatable now.

So, the only thing she can do is to be herself in the end. Of course, she is not perfect and she does make mistakes.

Her body is not perfect and she doesn’t want to get one. She just loves herself. And yes, that’s too boring, she agrees. But this is her!

Kelly’s weight loss – At a glance:

When it comes to Kelly’s weight loss journey, her story is no exception.

Like others, it started from bullying and discouragement; embarked with motivation and ended up with determination.

But what makes her different is the fun element that she has added to her daily routine, something that never makes her journey boring and monotonous for her.